The Albatross Club is out there.

The car is the club, your mates are the members and entry is open.

Loyal and adventurous; this capsule is inspired by the great birds.

Launched in partnership with Humane Society International, 10% of all sales will go towards protecting the legendary albatross family.

The Albatross & HSI

An albatross in golf is rare and unfortunately this is the same case in the wild.

Australia is home to 20 of the 31 species of albatrosses found on Earth, but all 20 are threatened by extinction.

Humane Society International have been advocating and lobbying on behalf of the albatross for over 20 years and have instigated landmark legislation on fishing line practises designed to lessen the impact on the aquatic life of the bird.

That's why, at SLICE GOLF, we have produced this capsule in partnership with HSI to continue to help the albatross's cause and invest in their future.

Albatrosses are incredibly loyal and stick with their crew and their hood, after spending a year out at sea they return to the same partner and spot each year to grow the fam.

Adventurous & loyal.